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HOYU, A PREMIER HAIR COLOURING COMPANY, has not only earned the largest market share in Japan, but is also one of the leading providers of hair colour and hair care products in more than 70 countries.

As an ambassador of the joys of hair colouring, Hoyu’s slogan “COLOUR YOUR HEART” expresses our desire to add dimension to people’s lives through an extensive line of innovative hair colour and hair care products. With a strong business background and an unending passion for colouring and caring for hair, Hoyu marked its 100th anniversary in February 2005.
Determined to stay ahead of the latest trends, Hoyu has continually introduced products that have been heralded as unprecedented in its field. In addition to providing high quality products, we strive to lead the way by setting high standards for ourselves and utilizing cutting-edge technology to develop more user-friendly products.

The name of Hoyu "fellow friends" and originates from our drive to create new frontiers of business with good friends, while strengthening friendship with other people and companies, including our product's consumers, customers, wholesalers, etc.

Hoyu has always been at the fore front of the hair-fashion industry by making an effort to carry out your wish to be more beautiful. We have newly defined our corporate brand "hoyu" and determined to foster it steadily in order to give people all over the world a better understanding of the nature of our business.In addition, we have set "COLOUR YOUR HEART" as our corporate slogan.

Our consumer loyalty is answered by our dedication as a leading manufacturer of advanced colour and hair care products.

The 100th anniversary is not our goal but our new beginning. We are taking our first step into a new dream for the next 100 years.


Hoyu was established in 1905 as MIZUNO KANKUDOU, a manufacturer of home medicine. In the 100 years since we marketed our first hair colour product NIWAKARASU in 1909, we have evolved into a manufacturer of hair care products, specializing in hair colour products, and our desire to deliver products which make our customers “look younger, become beautiful, and stay healthy” is still strong after all these years. Our consumer product brands such as “Bigen”, “CIELO”, “Beautylabo”, and our professional-use product brand “PROMASTER”, etc., have all gained popularity with our customers.

In 2005, Hoyu celebrated the 100th anniversary and renewed our corporate logo and slogan. Our new cooperate slogan, COLOUR YOUR HEART, expresses our corporate principle to continue providing products and services which colour our customers not only in appearance, but also create a “rich beauty from the heart”.

Not only in Japan, Hoyu aims to promote a global strategy to create a hair colour market, and to enhance our position in the worldwide market. We will continue to strengthen our product development, productivity and marketing skills to provide customers with safe and high quality products.

Makio Mizuno


We strive to maintain a stable and consistent growth by gaining a fair amount of profit as we contribute to society.

We strive to contribute to society by developing products that make people feel young, beautiful and healthy as they lead healthy and culturally rich lives.

Through fair and free competition in our business activities, we take full advantage of our strengths in an uninhibited environment while finding a rewarding sense of satisfaction for our work and treasuring harmony.


Quality, punctuality and safety – made possibly by untivalled technological capability

Hoyu has established complete production systems, featuring two production centers in Japan where all the process like from preparing and weighing raw materials to measuring, mixing, filling, and packaging products is well controlled. This intergreated framework allows the company to maintain a stable supply of products that satisfy even the most stringent of consumer demands. Moreoever, Hoyu is very proud of her stricht quality control scheme based on her own Good Manufacturing Practice standard, as well as ever-evolving quality control technology to ensure that our products are worthy of customers’ trust.

Fundamental Research

For more than 100 years since the company's inception Hoyu has invested untold efforts in research and development. Upholding our ability to continually release products that are routinely heralded as "unprecedented" is a fusion of a solid foundation of research data and ultra-modern technology.

More than 10% of Hoyu’s staff working in the R&D department, we have gathered and analyzed decades of knowledge and data about the beauty and health industry. Paired with our advanced technological capabilities, our R&D facilities are among the best in the industry. Our research covers a broad spectrum of topics such as hair-dyeing mechanisms, colour science, manufacturing technologies, improvement of safety, the development of the most up-to-date technology and product testing.

Product development

Our overriding goal: making people-friendly products
As a company that makes products for people to use on themselves, our primary concern is that products are as gently as possible, and to that end, Hoyu’s product development is always based on the customer’s view point. Making effective use of substances that are mild and less harmful to human body and hair, numerous Hoyu products have gone to become the standards of the industry.


We develop new visions to contribute to the realization of truly affluent living.

In February 2005, Hoyu marked our 100th anniversary of foundation. Why has Hoyu been able to maintain top market share and carry on its business for such a long time? The answer lies in the Company's ability to continue stable growth, its sound management skills, and the high degree of its technological know-how. To keep up with diversifying customers' needs, however, we must further develop our expertise and enhance our sales force.

1905 - Masujiro Mizuno founded Mizunokankudo, predecessor of Hoyu, to manufacture and sell home medicine.
1921 - Released hair dye, Shiraga-zome Genroku.
1923 - Established Hoyu Shokai Co. Ltd.
- Masujiro Mizuno was inaugurated as the president.
1957 - Released powder-type hair dye, “Bigen.”
1959 - Founder Masujiro Mizuno passed away. Mr. Kimpei Mizuno was inaugurated as the Second President of the Company.
1961 - Constructed Nagakute Factory in Nagakute-cho, Aichi Prefecture.
1962 - Developed “Harel Wave Color” based on new hair dye theory.
1964 - Changed the company name to HOYU CO. LTD.
1971 - Released "Bigen Hair Colour", low-cost and natural-colour hair dye.
1972 - Held celebration commemorating 50th anniversary of Hoyu founding.
- Changed the Logo of the company.
1976 - Completed the first section of Seto Factory construction work (Seto City, Aichi Prefecture).
1984 - Released "Bigen Cream Tone", innovative the tube-type hair colour, with the Cream Colourant and the Cream Developer.
1986 - Held the first meeting for overseas sales agencies.
1992 - Held celebration commemorating 70th anniversary of Hoyu founding.
1995 - Competed Logistic Center within premises of Seto Factory.
1997 - Mr. Simpei Mizuno was inougurated as the third president and Mr. Kimpei Mizuno as the Chairman of the Board.
- Opened Hoyu Technical Academy.
1998 - Introduced “Promaster” brand by Mr. Daniel Galvin into the market.
1999 - Released “Beautylabo.”
- Introduced Prosystem brand into the market.
- Seto Factory granted ISO14001 Certification.
2001 - Completed Sakuragaoka Factory. (Seto City, Aichi ecture)
- Opened the Studio TokPrefyo of Salon Division.
- Established Hoyu Cosmetics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. in the People’s Republic of China.
2002 - Opened the Studio Osaka of Salon Division.
2003 - Established Hoyu America Co., Ltd. in USA.
- Established Hoyu Cosmetics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in the Kingdom of Thailand.
2004 - Completed the new head office. (Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture)
- Established PT Hoyu Indonesia in Indonesia.
2005 - Celebrated the 100th anniversary of foundation.
- Changed the Logo of the company.
- Established Hoyu Singapore Pte. Ltd. in Singapore.
2006 - Involved in the business cooperation with ASGEN Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
- The (Our) head office won Chubu New Office Encouraging Prize (Nikkei The Best of New Office 2006).
- Established Hoyu Korea Co., Ltd. in Korea.
2007 - Sakuragaoka Factory granted ISO14001 Certification.
- Established Hoyu Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia.
- Established Taiwan Hoyu Cosmetics Co., Ltd. in Taiwan.
2008 - Released “Promaster EX.”
2009 - Acquired 60% of Kracie Group stock.
- Released “Cielo Mousse Color.”
2011 - 4th President Makio Mizuno assumes office
- Released Bigen Hair Color DX Creamy Foam
- Released rexy Whip Hair Colour
- Established Hoyu Cosmetics Co. Ltd. in Shanghai
- Established Hoyu Cosmetics (Nederland) B.V. in the Netherlands
2012 - Acquired all shares of Kracie Group
- Established Hoyu Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Thailand
2013 - Released Naturain Color Treatment as limited edition mail order product
- Released Cielo Color Treatment
- Released LESSE Color Treatment
- Released Men’s Bigen Color Rinse


As part of an effort to create a world hair fashion, Hoyu has established a sales network that covers more than 70 countries across Asia, Europe, North and South America, the Middle east, Africa, the Caribbean and Oceania.

Developing overseas markets by its own efforts without the help of trading concerns, Hoyu continues to expand its network in strategically major countries. Hoyu networks based on the approach of "one distributor in one country" — building trustworthy relationships with local sale distributors.


Hoyu Cosmetics (Nederland) B.V.

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