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Bigen Men's Beard Colour


Dark colours that will match your beard!

Leaves no stains
Perfectly covers grey without staining your skin.

Non-drip creamr
High viscosity cream covers your beard and wont drip.

Fast-touch comb
Easily apply to any part of your beard, even shorter bear styles.

Specially enriched with Aloe Extract & Olive Oil.


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*The samples are colours applied to white hair. The color results may vary depending on your hair type, condition and color.


1. Beard (Under the chin)
Squeeze out the same amount of cream from both tubes into the Mixing Tray. [1:1]

Start by applying under the chin because this area is the most difficult to apply.
2. Sideburns
You can apply the mixture with the flat part of the Applicator Comb.
3. Mustache
Avoid touching the nose or mouth with the mixture.

Wait for 10 minutes.
4. Rinse out
When the desired colour is obtained, rinse out the beard, mustache and sideburns with lukewarm water and shampoo well.

Tips for cleanly rinsing out the mixture. Before rinsing out the beard, mustache and sideburns with lukewarm water,wet the coloured part with water and gently rub the mixture using water. This should help the skin maintain a clean look after colouring.


Q1. How many times can I colour my bear with a kit of BIGEN BEARD?
A1. A kit of BIGEN BEARD can cover whole beard, moustache and sideburns about two times.
Q2. How long does the colour last after colouring?
A2. The tenacity of colour depends on the hair type, frequency of face-wash and environment, but normally the colour last 1 to 2 months.
Q3. How long can I store the remainder for next use?
A3. Please keep caps tightly screwed after each application, and store it avoiding the place that might get high temperature or sunlight. You are recommended to use up to 3 months after first application. However, the mixture that is once mixed cannot be store, so please dispose the remainder that is once mixed.
Q4. Which part of beard should I start colouring first?
A4. Start by applying under the chin because this area is the most difficult to apply. Then, apply to other parts of beard, sideburns and moustache in the end.
Q5. Do I need shampoo after colouring?
A5. Please rinse out first after colouring, and then shampoo the beard. If the mixture is not rinsing out cleanly, there is a risk of skin irritation or stain.
Q6. How is the stain on the skin after colouring comparing BIGEN BEARD and other products?
A6. BIGEN BEARD is formulated especially for colouring beard that thoroughly colours your beard with hardly any staining of the skin. Therefore, the stain is much less than other competitors’products.
Q7. Can I use BIGEN BEARD for colouring the hair on my head?
A7. Yes. However, regular hair colour products are developed to colour the hair on your head. When colour your beard, we recommend using BIGEN BEARD that is exclusively for colouring your beard.
Q8. Can I use BIGEN BEARD for body hair?
A8. No, you cannot.